New Boy

Arc of Bubbles beautiful big baby by Arcadio exciting times ahead

With Ease Orvita

Quaffing for the side saddle championships !!!!!

Laoch Beag

Our pocket rocket came back with a bang but I’m sorry to say pulled up lame at fontwell But he will be back next season hope fully

Itsaboutime WINNER

Bobby, Bobbob, pheasant hater and many more names our grey man has been called (ha-ha) yes he is a bit sharp to ride at home but like we say its the naught ones that win and all our time has paid of with him must say he is the best kid sitter we have will stand there for hours with them.

Side Saddle Racing !!

Well conformation Chan is as mad as a box’s of frogs she only go’s and takes the old horse Orvita racing at Larkhill pt:pt super proud of them they came second to a horse half French’s age and Chan had only been riding side saddle a month

Racing Club


So please with this little horse it has taken a long time for the penny to drop but it sure has now and look for to him chasing this season


Every one loves time always there or there about’s Mr constancies 2017 penny dropped and became a race horse looking forward to this season

Norsa Da

Dear bob we have called it a day he really is not into racing so is now looking for a new job he loves baby sitting and going hunting with Ken